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Dr. Tünde Pálinkás

I graduated in 1986 from the Medical School of the University of Pécs, then I made my specialist exam with excellent results. After this, I worked for eight years at the operative and ambulant dentistry of the Honvéd Hospital of Pécs, in a leading position. I am carrying out private dental treatments since 1993, for the highest satisfaction of my patients. I opened my dental surgery in 1996 from my own strength, in a flat under Nagy Imre Street 46. In 2000, I founded the TÜNDENTAL Dental Limited Partnership.

Dr Tünde Pálinkás

Dr. László Vajta

In 2009, I was awarded the cum laude results at the Pécs Medical University. Currently I am in the ambulatory oral surgery and classical facial and maxillofacial surgery of the Department of Dental and Oral Surgery of Pécs, as well as the dentist of Tündental Bt. In addition, I participate in the oral and implantology training of dentists in the Hungarian and foreign medicine, dental students or resident dentists, and in the oral surgery of blood-sucking patients. I regularly practice dentistry and dental practice for dental and general medicine students.

Dr László Vajta

Dr. Judit Kálovics

In 2012, I finished with cum laude at the Dentistry Department of the University of Pécs. My professional practice was obtained from dental prostheses, dentistry, periodontology, dental surgery, orthodontics and oral surgery in the Department of Dental and Oral Surgery of Pécs. Currently I am an accredited orthodontic specialist and I am actively involved in Mixed Dental Division No. 17. In addition, weekly orders are made by private dentists and dentists. I try my best to use my freshly acquired knowledge for the benefit of all my patients.

Dr Judit Kálovics

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