We offer a full scale dental service, from laser treatment through tooth replacement to implantation.

We are carrying out dental filter examination at all of our patients, including cancer filtering too. We treat everyone "from the youngest to the oldest". Also in solving the difficult cases, we maximally aspire to the perfect aesthetics. We provide high quality treatment for our disabled patients too. We offer free information and advice.


With the help of the panorama x-ray, each tooth, their surrounding bone, jaw joints and even the oral cavity becomes visible. An x-ray digitizer unit, connected to a SATELEC X-MIND x-ray, helps in setting up the precise diagnoses. In the DENTAL 4 dental software, the x-ray image can be viewed instantly, it can be assigned to the patient and printed at any time. This means that your x-ray image can be seen instantly on the monitor. At our first meeting, every patient has to fill in an anamnesis form, so that we could be more aware of the general status of your health. After this, we carry out the dental treatments personalized, on the highest quality of our knowledge. When needed, we make allergologic, bacterologic and genetic tests.

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Preventive treatments

Closing dental striaes on healthy teeth at children, for better cleaning. Fluoride treatment for strong and healthy teeth without any age limitations. Personalized advice in choosing the right mouthwash. Teaching proper tooth brushing techniques, according to the condition of the palate. You can control your tooth brushing technique with the help of plaque painting pills. Teaching the use of dental floss and other interdental devices.


Removable (night) orthodontic device

Removable orthodontics are usually used in childhood with 10 to 12 hours of daily wearing. The following types of removable orthodontic devices are used:

passive orthodontics: also known as scratch-resistant devices, when early milk dust has been removed. Earliest is the removal of milk dust if the breakthrough of the germ of the remaining teeth is not expected within 1 year. If a milk teal is removed from the line, the teeth in front of and behind are clasped and leave no remaining space for the remaining teeth, which can not break over and stay in the jaw or break out in an abnormal location.

active removable orthodontics: use to widen the grip of the teeth in the event of narrowing of the grip (s).

Functional orthodontic devices: the force required to move the muscles is provided by the muscles, altering the muscle function, thus making the development and growth of the tooth and bones in the right direction.

Fixed (glued) devices

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Fixed mini metal and aesthetic ceramic braces (multiband devices)

The device is fixed to the teeth by gluing the dental, so the patient can not take it out. Thanks to the stable attachment, they also allow toggle movements that can not be carried out with a removable device. The force can be precisely matched, the patient's co-operation (co-operation) is less dependent on the success of the treatment, and the orthodontic treatment is shorter than the removable devices. There are also absolute invisible orthodontic rails through the traditional metal brackets and the metal arches on the ceramic and crystal brackets and curves.

The latest generation of fixed orthodontic systems is called the " "self-ligation" or "self-closing" devices (Damon's orthodontist). These devices record their orthodontic arches with their own locks. In this case, the bow may move more freely during the treatment in the lock, the teeth are easier to "slip" along the arch and the teeth have a softer force, making the orthodontics much faster than the conventional orthodontist. In our office, we use miniature metal and ceramic (orthodontic) orthodontic instruments on the pictures to meet the increased aesthetic needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our dental surgeon.

Devices for invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics has become accepted and popular in orthodontics over the last few years.

Invisalign®, CLEARSMILE®, MY clear brace®

Invisalign is the most modern removable, invisible orthodontic system. The technique is based on the multi-layered effect of special transparent rails, which ultimately carry out continuous rolling. The invisible orthodontic rails are manufactured in a specialized laboratory using medical computer analysis and orthodontic treatment plan preparation. It is a relatively costly procedure, similar to the internal orthodontics (orthodontic or orthodontic orthodontics on the tongue), but its disadvantage is that it can only be used in certain cases.

Oral hygienic treatment

Painless removing of plaque with ultrasonic waves. Polishing, finishing for the sensation of perfect cleanness.

Surgical interventions

We remove every kind of teeth, including the difficult cases too. We are able to solve any complications, which might come up during tooth removal. You do not have to waste your time by restlessly waiting at other clinics. Our surgery is excellently equipped with medications, anesthetics, surgical instruments and it serves all needs. We carry out laser treatment with a Bilight type soft-laser device at various jaw joint and mucosal problems, and at inflammations too.

Aesthetic treatments

Rich selection of tooth whitening systems, guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Our teeth become darker and yellow over the years. The causes of this can be external (extrinsic) factors, e.g. the pigment materials of the consumed foods and drinks. Such examples are coffee, coke, black teas, red wine, ketchup. Also the cigarette smoke does bad for your teeth. The fluorosis causes smaller-larger discoloration (white and yellow/brown discoloration) and it is among the internal (intrinsic) factors, just like the tetracyclin administration (grayish-yellowish discoloration) during the period of the teeth development, between the 6 months of intrauteric life and the child's eights birthday.
Also the root treated teeth lose from their translucency and have a grayish discoloration.

Remewhite plasma lamp tooth whitening system

We are making tooth whitening with the Remecure CL-15 plasma lamp. A unique tooth whitening system, with which there is no tooth sensitivity
During 60 minutes, it brightens your teeth in one session. We are applying it successfully at teeth, which were discolored for different reasons. Just an hour and we will give you a brighter smile! The result is long lasting and simply fantastic! This tooth whitening method is completely safe, it does not cause any harm to the teeth.
Wide selection of dental jewelry, from simple crystals to gems.

Tooth keeping treatments

Adhesive filling technique
Aesthetic, tooth colored restorations with the best materials. The changing of the outdated amalgam fillings to healthier, more comfortable fillings which harden to light, so that your oral sensation would be the best. Maximal protection of the healthy tooth material, only the unstructured enamel and the decaying dentin is removed.

Root treatment of any tooth with ProFile technique, root filling with the Apex Finder after a precise calibration and together with x-ray control. Using new technology for preventing the discoloration of the root treated teeth. The brightening of the previously root treated and discolored teeth with plasma lamp and with using the well tried Opalesence Endo material.

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Tooth replacements with short deadline

 Fixed dental restorations
-implants, crowns
-root clapped restorations
-bridges, rails

Crowns, bridges
The conventional crowns, bridges can be made of metal, plastic or porcelain. When needed, they can be made of allergy free alloys or precious metal too. In the excellently equipped surgery, we aspire to achieve the best possible aesthetic result in the shortest time. After surfacing the teeth, we use temporary crowns, bridges, tooth sensitivity reducing materials and laser treatment to reduce the trauma. We make your temporary bridge in a short time! When needed, we carry out an allergy test too.

Making metal and aesthetic implants
We call that filling an implant, which we put in a solid form into the prepared hole and which we fix with adhesives. It can be made of metal, plastic or porcelain.

Partly removable implants
From the simplest solutions to the higher aesthetic implementations, we make anything for your own needs. Combined tooth implants with hidden moorings and without clamps. The using of moveable stiffener-rod moorings and telescopes. For the outer spectator it is unnoticeable that you are wearing prosthesis. Besides these, it gives a more pleasing and comfortable feeling. Just like you would get your original teeth back!

Full disc replacement made with the conventional methods.

Tooth implantation

Losing our teeth wears us all down. We cannot chew well, we feel uncomfortable and depressed. The conventional tooth replacing methods cannot aid our problems adequately in each case. The best solution in these cases is the implantation replacement!

How is the dental implantation carried out?

During the preliminary examinations, we examine the patients in order to decide whether the implantation can be made. On one part this means a dental examination (which teeth should be replaced), is the jawbone capable of receiving the implant (making panorama x-ray images, etc), on the other some general medical examinations (laboratory, etc)
After this the design of the implant begins, during which we consult the upcoming questions. The planting of the implants is made in an ambulant way, in local anesthetic. During this we prepare the affected jawbone and then we insert the implantation. The sutures are removed after a week. The implantations are healed under the protection of the mucus.

The healing period lasts about 3-5 months. During this time, the bone cells grow into the micro pores on the surface of the implants.

After this, the tooth replacement implant is made. First, we free the healing implants under the protection of the palate, then we insert those head parts which provide the support for the replacement. After this, we create the replacement in a short time with the help of the technical laboratory.


After placing the implantation into the mouth, the connection between the patient and the doctor does not end. The long term success of the implantation tooth replacement is based on the cleanness of the mouth and regular dental examination. The patient usually has to come to control examination once per year. If you encounter any mutation in the meantime, check in as soon as you can!

To whom can this solution be advised?

To every patient, at whom no exclusive reasons are present and to those who chose this solution. But to only those can the implantation tooth replacement be advised, at whom the cleanness of the mouth is appropriate and who are ready to keep to the oral hygienic regulations given by the doctor.
From the aspect of success, the risks factors are excessive alcohol consumption, drug dependency and heavy smoking. Some illnesses may also reduce the success of the implant, e.g. untreated diabetes, serious illnesses in the cardiovascular system, etc. The implantation also cannot be made before the development of the jawbone stops (until about 14 years).
The dental implant, as a modern tooth replacement method, is an integral part of today's dental practice. With the close cooperation between the patient and the doctor and with using the good implantation method, a tooth replacement can be achieved similar to natural teeth, as well as a healthy, good sensation which eases our everyday.

We have to live up to the steadily rising aesthetic needs in the future too.

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